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Some like it Hoot!

In a side-splitting scene straight out of a comedy film, a Short-eared owl had its own Marilyn Monroe moment on the blustery Durham Moors in England. Captured by the keen eye of amateur wildlife photographer Paul Cleasby, 58, the hilarious encounter was captured from the comfort of his car. When Cleasby recounted the comical incident, he said "I was out for a drive on the Durham moors where I've always got my eyes open for wildlife. I spotted some short-eared owls flying around and pulled the car over. This one flew towards me and landed on a post close by. I was thrilled that it sat for a good few minutes and posed nicely so I could capture some shots from the comfort of my car." As fate would have it, just as the owl perched, a gust of wind swept through the moors, causing its feathers to ruffle in a strikingly familiar manner. The owl's feathers lifted in the wind, revealing a scene reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe's iconic upskirt moment. The photograph, capturing this uproarious interaction between wind and owl, has garnered widespread attention, proving that wildlife can indeed have their own moments of unintentional hilarity.

SPX-PICTURE PERFECT (3)_edited.jpg

Paul Cleasby

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