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Majestic Barn Owl's

VETERAN BRITISH SOLDIER’S MAJESTIC OWL PHOTOS SHOW PARENT DELIVERING FOOD TO CHICKS WITH MILITARY PRECISION. A serving British soldier and amateur photographer has captured this series of beautiful photos showing barn owls feeding their chicks with military precision. Serving Staff Sergeant Chris Gee, spent three consecutive nights meticulously recording these magical images of the bird of prey in woods in County Durham. His attention to detail has produced pictures worthy of a medal, and Chris said he has spent three years following all of the UK’s five species of owl. As these photographs show, Chris has photographed the exact moment a parent owl arrives carrying a rodent for their chick who has its beak already open in anticipation. Chris, who serves in the Royal Regiment of Artillery, said for this recent wildlife mission he was camouflaged around 40 metres from the nest armed with a Nikon D500 camera with a Sigma 150-600 Lens and 1.4x converter. He said despite planning for the operation he was still surprised when something unexpected happened and he saw the owls had three chicks. 


Chris Gee

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