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Give the dog a cone

JUST ONE PAW-NETTO, HILARIOUS PHOTOGRAPHS SHOW THE JOY OF DOGS TRYING ICE CREAM - These make-you-smile photographs show the hilarious results of dogs trying ice cream for the very first time. Instead of Mr Whippy it’s more like Mr Woofy when these canines sample the dog friendly version of the much-loved frozen dessert. From disdain to delight, every reaction on each pups face is a classic and beautifully recorded by animal photographer Diana Lundin.

Some dogs are probably more adept at licking bones than cones, with dollops of ice cream flying every in direction. Other more cautious canines gave the tasty treat an exploratory sample, whereas some wolf everything down in one go.

 Diana’s pictures are sure to brighten up even the bleakest day and remind us summer is never that far away. The photographer, from California, USA, has produced a brilliant book called ‘Dogs Vs Ice Cream’ featuring her four-legged munching muses. Diana said she decided to take pictures of dogs eating ice cream because they “always look hilarious” and make faces “like humans”.

For more of Diana's gorgeous photography, visit her website


Diana Lundin

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