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Catch the Moon

ONE SMALL SNAP FOR MAN, ARTIST CREATES INCREDIBLE ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS USING THE MOON AS HIS MUSE- A lunar loving artist has created an out-of-this-world series of photographs using the MOON as his muse.

 Space fanatic Daniel Antoniol often combines his own buff physique with the heavenly body to stage a series of fun photos. from loading the moon into the boot of a car, or trapping the huge satellite in a jar, Daniel cleverly manipulates perspective to achieve his eye-catching snaps. In other mind-bending creations Daniel can be seen appearing to play keepy-uppy with the cosmic object and even loads it into his backpack. Daniel’s photos have rocketed in popularity since he began photographing the moon in this way during the Covid pandemic. The civil engineer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said hours spent trapped on his parents’ farm in the countryside due to travel restrictions led to

him looking up for inspiration.


Daniel Antoniol

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