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Find the Frenchies

PUP-holstery! This adorable French bulldog trio have markings almost exactly the same as the pattern on their owner’s sofa. As this series of photos show Rocco, Vinnie and Blue are perfectly couch camouflaged. French merle bulldogs Rocco and Vinnie, both nine months, and four-year-old French bulldog Blue are the beloved pets of the Grantham family from Lincolnshire.Rocco and Vinnie’s beautiful merle markings merge with the family’s furniture perfectly and mum Tina loves snapping these great pictures of the peek-a-boo pooches. Tina, husband Simon and sons Harley and Flynn love their camouflaged canines, as well as their black Labrador Alfie. But Tina said the family sometimes have to do a double-take before putting their feet PUP on the sofa.

"I was contacted by Emma Smith of Splitspics regarding publishing a feature within multiple press outlets regarding how my puppies, Rocco & Vinnie blend in with our plush sofa.

Emma was extremely attentive, organised and explanatory throughout the whole feature process . Very professional throughout and kind and extremely informative .

I woke up to the features messaged to me directly so I didn’t need to leave home to go purchase the papers.

Thank you for the experience."

Tina Grantham


Tina & Rocco

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