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Sheepdog Goma

NOW THAT’S A SHEEPDOG! UN-BAA-LIEVABLE HAIRCUT MAKES THIS POODLE LOOK JUST LIKE A SHEEP -  No, EWE’re not going BAA-rmy, this poodle really does look just like a SHEEP.

Japanese canine Goma would pull the wool over anyone’s eyes into thinking he’s more about baas than barks. And as these amazing photos show the toy poodle is quite happy to be seen and ‘herd’ out and about in his native Japan. Owner Yoriko Hamachiyo said the unusual hairstyle came about not for cosmetic reasons, but to help stop Goma getting painful knots in his fur. Dog groomer Yoriko, 42, spends two hours a time keeping seven-year-old Goma sheep-shape and admits some do think it’s a gimmick.


Toy Poodle Goma

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