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Fabulous Finn's hairstyles

This dog deserves an Oscar for his amazing Holly-WOOF hairstyles. Finn the sprocker spaniel needs barely any time in make-PUP to fashion his locks into styles of the rich and famous.

From rocking a Rod Stewart, or matching a Madonna, Finn seemingly can resemble almost any star of stage or screen.The seven-year-old spaniels Richard Branson is VIRGIN on perfect,

and he fetches a striking similarity to father and son, David and Brooklyn Beckham.

Owner Belinda, from Cumbria, said Finns hair has always been a bit different and she wanted to make the most of his unique tresses. 


Belinda had this to say after Finn appeared in the national papers: "Splitpics have been very friendly and professional each time they have contacted me to ask or discuss anything and have provided updates along with answers to any questions I had quickly and efficiently. Thank you Splitpics!"


Belinda & Finn

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