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I'm Batdog

Fans of this ‘badass’ looking 150lb Great Dane believe when he strikes a pose for the camera he looks just like Batman. In real-life 18-month-old Enzo is more of a Scooby-Doo than a Dark Knight and loves nothing more than cuddling his humans. But standing on his hind legs at 6’4”, Enzo certainly looks intimidating.


Owner Danny had this to say after working with us: Splitpics quickly handled the hype around Enzo on Instagram and got the Batman effect on the followers. They were respectful and professional with us. As some points were sensitive, they let us the choice of talking about it or not. We were comfortable and really happy to can share our experience with the splitpics UK team.

SPX-BATDOG (19).jpeg

Danny & Enzo

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