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Ruby and her rescue chicks

This is the adorable moment a bundle of rescue partridge chicks became best friends with a Labrador.And as these cute photographs show, Ruby loved nothing better than becoming a dog-shaped bird baby-sitter. The bizarre birds of a feather friendship even saw the chicks pose on Ruby’s head for these heart-warming snaps. Farm worker Jadene Maloy found the helpless partridge chicks which had become  separated from their mother on June 20. Putting them in a box Jadene put them somewhere safe from predators on the farm in Thetford, Norfolk. And that’s when five-year-old Ruby decided to  help with the rescue. Thankfully, her chick-care duties didn’t last too long because Jadene later found the partridge mum and reunited her with her brood.


Jadene had this to say after working with us "I was shocked to see Ruby go so viral! - all I had done was post a video on my social media accounts where Splitpics stumbled across me. Splitpics saw the potential and sent me a message explaining who they were and how they could help. They were very friendly, helpful and trustworthy. They did all they could to make the process incredibly simple for me, and bring me great results! I would highly recommend Splitpics."


Ruby's owner Jadene

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