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Clingy Ziggy & the fake lap

Ziggy's owners Rebecca and Alex May could not get a moments peace after returning

from work to a very clingy Ziggy. To solve this problem, they created a fake lap from

a pair of Alex's old trousers and voilà, problem solved!


Rebecca had this to say: "Splitpics were fantastic! We had no idea that there could be so much interest in Ziggy's ridiculousness - all we had done was post the story to one social media site where it was well-received. Splitpics saw the potential and approached us, explaining how they could help. They were easy to work with, upfront, honest, fair, and completely transparent - exactly what was needed as we were in very unfamiliar territory. They did all the legwork and made the process incredibly simple for us, and we got brilliant results. We would wholeheartedly recommend Splitpics." 


Rebecca & Alex May

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